A New Way To Give!

This is going to be the easiest thing we’ve ever asked you to do!

We just signed up with GoodSearch.com and now every time you shop online or search the internet, a donation will be made to Wheeling for Hope.

Here’s how:

GoodShop.com works with more than 2,500 stores (including Target, Apple, Petsmart etc..) and every time you purchase something, a percentage will be donated to us! And, even more exciting, GoodShop also offers over 100,000 of the most up-to-date coupons and free shipping offers so you can save money at the same time. It’s win win.

GoodSearch is a Yahoo powered search engine that makes a donation to us each time you do a search.

Join the rest of our community in using these sites to help us easily raise money for our mission. Get started by clicking the “Become a Supporter” button on our profile page here!

A Note From Our President

"You have a brain tumor."

After hearing these words, from that moment on, life will be different. These words will impact your life whether you are the patient, a family member, a caregiver, or a friend.

Founders and board members of Wheeling for Hope, Inc know on a personal basis the difficult journey that a brain tumor diagnosis places on a patient, family member, caregiver or friend, for all were affected by this devastating disease.

My husband, Jay, lost his 10 month battle to an inoperable brainstem astrocytoma at the age of 38. He was a great father of two children, a wonderful husband and friend. He was encompassed with so much love for life that ended too early. Knowing that there is no cure, that there are limited treatment options and resources available for brain tumor patients, and watching someone you love suffer is a helpless feeling.

Wheeling for Hope promotes the advancement of brain tumor research and provides education and support services to patients and their families during this difficult time. With the continual commitment in the fight against brain tumors through donations and research, brain tumor patients will have a better quality of life, improved treatment options and more available resources.

My deepest thanks to the founding members of Wheeling for Hope, Kim Benos and Karen Braune, Wheeling for Hope's board members, family, friends, and donors for your support in the fight against brain tumors. We are making a difference!

Cathie Robinson
Founding member and President
Wheeling for Hope